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Strange question this, but would a chain upgrade - i.e higher spec chain offer much improvement in push/pull over say an OEM chain?

Just wondered....


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    No. Even chain manufacturers in their most fantastical reveries don't claim that their posh chains give more leverage. Their claims usually run along the lines of "better shifting", better durability, and so on, but I don't really believe it. The fanciest ones are a bit lighter.

    I think it's prudent to use cheaper chains and replace them more often, rather than trying to extract a long service life from one expensive chain. That will protect your cassette, an expensive component. You should replace chains when they are half a percent longer as a result of wear. That is measurable by placing a ruler along the bottom run of chain. A new chain will show exactly 12 inches between 12 pins; half percent wear equates to 12 inches plus a sixteenth.
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    You definitely can't push a chain.
  • You can yank one though. I like the silver ones, they tend to be more expensive than boggo ones.
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    I just buy the cheapest 10 speed chain I can find and replace it at 0.5% wear. I got a chain checker to save the faffing around with the ruler.
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    any recommended.... for my ultegra compact set up??
    Mine is at the end of its life...
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    KMC get good ratings.
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    IME better chains last longer and are better at resisting corrosion - my choice are the ti-nitrided KMC ones - I run them on 4 different bikes. A wipe down and relube following a dirty ride keeps them sweet. Cheapo chains if left alone after one wet ride can turn into a rusty, crunchy mess.
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    +1 KMC
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