Surly Karate Monkey - Your experiences?

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I'm toying with the idea of getting this bike as it's a really versatile hardtail 29er. Only problem was that only one of my mates reckons it's a decent ride while the others have started calling me a tree hugging hippy. It comes in either SS or geared but I like the idea of using a tough as nails steel 29er as my trailbike and commuter.

I've ridden some fancy full sussers but at the grand ol age of 32 have come to the conclusion that trusty hardtails have always been more fun. Another thing I've noticed is that the karate monkey seems to scare away mainstream cycling media. BikeRadar's never reviewed it and neither has MBUK.

If anyone's got first hand experience of this steed please let me know before I buy one and regret it.



  • passout
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    They certainly look good to me (on-line) but I have never seen anybody riding a Surly MTB. You never hear anything bad about them though! I guess that doesn't help....

    Have you tried On-One? People rave about them.
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  • moggy82
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    Awesome whistler trail, karate monkey, very funny when your mate goes into the seesaw straight after you before it resets.

    Oh this is about the bike, well if its made to ride the trails it should be awesome.