New Build, Old Bike Pitfalls

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I've got a 2002 Spesh Sirrus that I want to convert to a winter/training bike with drops and I'm after advice. I want to mirror as much as possible the setup of my Sunday best/Summer bike so I'm going to replace much of the groupset but I want to avoid is any obvious newbie pitfalls.

My old frame had a shimano Tiagra (BB-UN52) Bottom Bracket (with a 68mm British thread in the frame), if I buy another Shimano BB with a British thread and I buy the cranks to go with, is there anything else I need to bear in mind?

Also presumably replacing a 9 speed cassette with a 10 speed one shouldn't present any issues?

Any help or advice on this greatly appreciated.......


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    You will probably find that the Sirrus has a longer top tube than a road bike. This is due to it using flat bars. On average it will be about 2cm longer. You need to allow for this with stem length.
    Providing the BB is correct for the chainset no problem.
    10sp cassette will go on the 9sp wheel. Make sure you also fit the 1mm 10sp spacer that comes with the cassette. You will of course need 10sp shifters and chain.
  • Rather stupidly I've missed a bit of an elephant in the room with this rebuild. The frame has V-Brakes (and no bolt holes for calliper). Presumably V-Brakes require a longer pull than calliper, so will modern STi levers safely operate them?

    Disappointing, I don't fancy drilling out a carbon front fork so this may be a show stopper..... :cry:
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    You could use these
    More problems but still living....