Spesh v Giant

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I am totally undecided between a allez 16 & a defy 4, what would you go for??? Maybe a coin toss.

Please help people...

Special eyes 4 ever....


  • gkerr4
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    i'd have the allez - two reasons:

    IMO it looks better

    I warm to the "brand" more - I associate specialized with innovative bikes and think they do some pretty special stuff - i'm not saying that Giant don't but generally I associate them with duller bikes.

    also - I have had some fabulous customer services from specialized in the past couple of years which I have been really impressed with - i haven't had any experience of giant (although I once owned an OCR3) so can't compare them on this basis.

    seriously - which fits you best? - if one more than the other then go for it - if they both fit then go for the one which excites you most!
  • smeev
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    Thank you. i went in my LBS today (brotherton cycles) & although the shop was busy, the shop worker found time to come over & chat 2 me abot the allez & it benifits.
    I think the lifetime warranty does it for me, & is also think the allez looks better than the defy 4.
    I was looking into the Btwin sport 2 form decathlon @£429, but with only 5 years frame warranty, its worth paying the extra money. And tbf, i dont know much about the Btwin range, even tho it had sora components on it.
    Spesh is a name that just rings out quality.

    I am going 2 buy it tomorrow.

    Thanks again.
    Special eyes 4 ever....
  • gkerr4
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    welcome - although I have to say I wouldn't buy it (specifically) for the warranty - but i did have exceptional customer service with a damaged S-works roubaix frame.

    go get it! - post some pictures when you do

    oh and welcome to the forum!
  • I have the Spesh allez sport double, and its very smooth, very fast, sexy and stylish!!

    I dont usually go in for all that crap about how you look on a bike, but it is nice when cyclists coming the other way are obviously checking out your bike =)

    Hope you get on as well with yours!
  • smeev
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    thanks again guys, just cant wait 2 buy it & get out on it. i think the good thing about it is, that i can upgrade the component parts when ever it want to. Like is said, it oozes quailty, especially in the matt silver spec.
    I havent even got the bike yet & i already hooked.

    this will bring me back to my days as an excitied teenager on a raleigh tempest...

    Special eyes 4 ever....
  • Mothyman
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    spesh will be great - enjoy it
    i got a roubaix..lovely bike
  • juankerr
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    I'd go Allez too.
  • smeev
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    thanks guys.
    Have paid for it & will pick it up tomorrow. Cait wait.
    Special eyes 4 ever....