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waterproof trousers

MichaelWMichaelW Posts: 2,164
edited November 2009 in Commuting chat
Im looking for The Right Trousers for cold, wet winter commuting. I have a pair of Montane Featherlites but these are only windproof and not very useful in cold rain.

Ive searched around a bit and come up with the Monane Atomic DT2 and OMM Kamleika.

Does anyone have experience with these?

The features I am looking for are
Close fit with elasticated ankle (to fit over Sealskins)
Zippered lower leg.
Fairly durable but not too heavy.
Waterproof and breatable rather than just windprof and showerproof.



  • AguilaAguila Posts: 622
    Lots of people will tell you bib tights are fine for rain, that's ok if it's light but if it is really gonna rain I agree with you that overtrousers are the way forwards.

    I have these: ... 360020529/

    Yes they are pricy but they are excellent, very breathable and 100% waterproof. I've only got sweaty in them in summer, perfect for winter. I think dhb do asimilar pair a bit cheaper. eVent is the best of all the breathable waterproof fabrics IMO.
  • bunterbunter Posts: 327
    +1 for Endura eVent trousers. I have had mine since spring & they are very good. They are very breathable and not too thick so will need to be worn over the top of something else for ultimate warmth.

    The most expensive trousers of any kind I have bought though...
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