Totally Uncomfortable Bike !!

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I have a 15 - 20 years old Raleigh Tourer. Still in reasonable condition. I have always found the ride somewhat uncomfortable in a couple of areas. 1. - I do not seem to be able to cycle for more than 5 minutes without my hands hurting!! I have tried changing positions of my hands on the handlebars (drop down type) but still they get sore. I could cope with this when I was younger but not so much now, and as I am going away soon for a 6 week ride I need to have a good place for my hands. Is there a solution to this - perhaps an optimum height of saddle to handlebar height? - or something else? - Any advice - - -. 2. - sore saddle. Thanks for any suggestions.


  • It could be any number of things really, but it sounds like the handlebars are too low. Given the age of this bike it probably has an adjustable height quill stem there should be a hex bolt down the centre of the steerer which you can undo to raise the bars.

    It could be quite a few other things though, it's hard to say without seeing you on the bike. I'd recommend going to an LBS and asking them to check out your position on the bike.. You'll have to experiment with different saddles to find the right one, some of the saddles on older bikes were awful.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful :?
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  • Thanks for your help volvicspar & rake. I will try the extra Gel pads.

    Anyone know a LBS in or around Aberdeen.