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Do you get on the bike in the morning half cut?

Mr SworldMr Sworld Posts: 703
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I've done it a couple of times.... :oops: Have you?

Would you ride a bike when you know you couldn't pass a breath test? 0 votes

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  • prawnyprawny Posts: 5,426
    In my crazy youth I have driven in the morning whilst almost definately over the limit, I'm not proud of it and I count myself lucky that I wasn't injured killed or fined.

    I might not ride into town if I felt really squiffy because I'd get squished but I'd nip to the shops for alka seltzer or whatever.
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  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,599
    Not had any alcohol since May when I turned 21, before that it was when I turned 19.

    Doubt it's going to be an issue.
  • whyamihere wrote:
    Not had any alcohol since May when I turned 21, before that it was when I turned 19.

    Doubt it's going to be an issue.

    +1, I gave up this year. Was never a drinker anyway, just one or two every now and then - didn't see the point in those few, so not at all anymore.
  • Slow DowncpSlow Downcp Posts: 3,041
    I used to go out for a blast the morning after a heavy night - perfect hangover cure. Drink very little now, so no longer a problem.
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  • pst88pst88 Posts: 621
    I've ridden home from the pub... probably never ridden to work the next day though. If it was that heavy a night I probably won't be up to riding the next day.
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  • I did it all the time when I wor a lad - and I never had a problem until about 20 years ago when I noticed my bike was swaying from side to side underneath me. Either me or the bike were too drunk to cycle. But I couldn't pin it on the bike.

    Still like a drink but I'd only cycle with less than 3 steadily-consumed pints in me. Never in a car, though - 2 pints over 5 hours is the most I've done.
  • ummmmm- guess that depends where your gonna be cycling.

    i wouldn't risk it on big roads- but elsewhere its not particularly unsafe- so sure, why not
  • Clever PunClever Pun Posts: 6,778
    Have certainly thought I'd sobered up at work a couple of times
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  • Drunk cycling is great. If I can walk, I can ride. :)

    Anyway, if it's at night (when people are usually drunk) then the roads are empty.
  • Tonight would certainly have been interesting
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  • bradfordbradford Posts: 195
    Used to do it all the time until i crashed into another cyclist headon :oops: Luckily he and me wern't too badly injured :o So be careful out there :wink: See you at the Xmas do! Hiccup :oops:
  • mooniomoonio Posts: 802
    I thought this thread was about not brushing your teeth before cycling to werk :oops:
  • chronyxchronyx Posts: 455
    I used to cycle back from a beery BBQ most summer weekends at a mate's house.

    Loved it! 1am, quiet roads, still warm enough for T-shirt and shorts, get home feeling less bloated and 'bleurgh', thoroughly recommend it 8) :lol:
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  • rakerake Posts: 3,204
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  • vorsprungvorsprung Posts: 1,953
    I did ride my bike once very much over the limit
    I went out drinking in Bristol, got the train back and then had a 3 mile ride back over the hill to home. I don't know how many pints I'd had.

    It was very funny at the time riding into ditches. I didn't feel a thing when I crashed repeatedly

    But afterward as I thought about it I realized that it is insane to try and ride along roads with cars- that's cars who are trying to kill you on a daily basis- with barely enough motor control to stay in a straight line.

    I have never ridden my bike in that state again

    My limit now on the bike is 2 or 3 pints ( I'm a big bloke ). I am happy with that, although if I drive a car my limit is zero
  • CiBCiB Posts: 6,098
    Used to do it all the while - if I was off up to the village for a drink it was by bike - too far to walk. Never had any probs riding it home over the fields & unmade farm roads either - most of the time it was set to autopilot anyway so it didn't matter to me. I certainly never used to concern myself with the thought that it might not be a good idea; it was by miles the best way to get home after a few sherberts - it still is, and it's a great way to sober up in the morning, an hour or so's riding at a decent pace.

    I did get absolutely ratted at one Christmas dinnertime session at work a few years back and fell off half a dozen times going home, but again - you just bounce, get back on and carry on. Life was easier then, and we didn't all believe the ridiculous messages that the BMA / govt send out nowadays, that two units turns everyone into a mad drunken imbecile. A couple of pints is well within tolerance (legal, moral and common-sense wise). It wouldn't occur to me not to drive after no more than 2 pints of ordinary beer. It's just not an issue, altho we're led to believe that 2 pints = mad killer + carnage guaranteed en route. Cobblers. More than 2 though? Not in the car, but cycling - yeah; no worries.
  • Been riding when a bit tipsy, not sloshed. Wasn't too bad, rode slowly, weaving a bit. Had to dismount a couple of times to find a hedge to pee behind :lol:

    Other substance abuse: If we're confessing here, I used to get on the bike after toking on a 'doobie'. I smelt some 'exotic smoke' while riding up an access ramp near the Staple Hill tunnel last week on the Brizzle Railway Path. Two cyclists sat on metal bench were enjoying some weed.

    Don't do this dept: In my youth, about 20 years ago, once got on a bike under the influence of certain exotic fungi. Didn't get far, very scary. I understand that Dr Hoffman, who synthesised acid, rode a bike while under the influence.

    Yeah, I know the above is all stupid. Nobody should ride under the influence of anything.
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  • iPadiPad Posts: 112
    I voted 'yes', not because I would intentionally ride when over the limit, but I would get on a bike the morning sooner than I'd get in my car, like on every Friday morning after I've had half a gallon the night before.

    I think it's because on a bike I'm more likely to injure myself than anyone else (although I do appreciate that I could cause a car to crash into someone etc etc).

    But I would never ride home from the pub pissed (that's why God created taxis).
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