Which cranks under 100 of your finest english pounds?

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These: Shimano SLX Chainset OR XT 761 Chainset - 26/36/48 Rings.


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    Do you want/need chainrings that big?
  • Good question. I do a lot of commuting and find that with a 32 middle I always seem to be on 11 at the back, so with a 36 middle I'll be using bigger cogs at the back and more of them hence less wear on my block's small rings (which in my opinion are the only ones you have trouble with when you put a new chain on - even if they slip a bit, it's only ever in 11 or 12/13 teeth never the bigger ones) Any how I have loads of 22 inner rings that will fit so up hill low gears will not be affected. I also don't really use the big ring apart from cranking the pace down fast down hill sections....
  • Commute in the big ring. MTFU...

    The outer on my bike hardly gets any wear apart from going down hills offroad, i'm just not fit enough yet. So i tend to use it for commuting to even the wear a little.
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    Need to ensure the chainrings fit (ie don't hit the chainstays) and may need a new front mech. Certainly need a new longer chain.

    But using the 42 or 44 big ring more seems t be he solution.
  • ive got a great condition slx 22 32 42 crank for sale pm me if interested thanks
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    ive got a great condition slx 22 32 42 crank for sale pm me if interested thanks

    what kind of BB does that run on out of interest?
  • The SLX will have a Shimano External Hollowtech II BB System. With normal pedal inserts. Not sure on the range of the BB could be SLX - XT quality..
  • its a hollowtech 11 type bb as mentioned by chunkers
  • Cheers Crankm... Still doesn't answer what I was really asking. What should I get... Wouldn't mind the XTs but does the SLX have any benefits over an older version XT
  • go for slx over older xt, really nice cranks the new slx.

    The old xt were also excellent, but a bit funky looking.
  • well slx weigh slightly more than the current xt ,about 50 grams. but apparently they are much stronger than xt
    hollowtech bb are much better than the interenal setup making old stuff obsolete in my opinion
    as for the gearing of the bike etc thats your personal preference
    if your wearing cassettes out quick then i would just get a kmc chain which is removed in like 5 seconds and soak it in citrus degreaser once a week use the citrus stuff to clean other components in the drivetrain,use the best lube you can afford this should and will prolong the life of drivetrain components
    but your going to tell me you already know this now ive type it lol