Will FSA chainrings fit an SRAM chainset?

adodsk Posts: 35
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Managed to bugger up the drive side of my FSA compact chainset and it looks expensive to replace like with like. Found a good deal on an SRAM compact chainset (same BCD with 46/38T) and it would give me the option of using lower gears if required, so i'm seriously considering it...

But will the FSA chainrings fit?


  • rjsmith
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    Should be fine if you've checked the bcd (110mm for both?).
  • adodsk
    adodsk Posts: 35
    Yes, they're both 110mm. Just wasn't sure if the meeting edges (where it meets the spider) or the bolt holes uniformly spaced around the spider the same for all chainring brands. They certainly look the same but photos can be deceiving!
  • Pokerface
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    Yes = have done it with mine.
  • adodsk
    adodsk Posts: 35
    Great. Thanks to you both for your responses!
  • John.T
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    I have SRAM Rival rings on a FSA Gossamer compact crankset. I see no reason why it should not work the other way round.