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hi one and all,

I am considering buying one of these geek tastic pieces of kit. Obviously they are a lot of money. So need to be sure before i spank my c/card to the limit.

my first question is, can someone explain the different types of files that keep getting mentiond "GPX format" and "TCX files "?

secondly I see that you can get a topo off road pack included (OSurv based) from reading the review on this site, that they lack detail, hence hard to do somethign off pieste. Are there other maps you can download on to the unit that are better?

thirdly, I would be glad to hear any general feed back from anyone whos got one .. what do you rekon? worth the money?
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    Google Frank Kinlan, his site has loads of good info on the Edge 705.
    The supplied maps are okay. Just.
    I use to plan routes then save and copy to the edge. This works pretty well as bikehike uses OS maps so you can follow bridleways etc. accurately.
    If your not bothered about the cycle computer/training aspects of the edge, have a look at the SatMap device. For just navigation it p*sses all over the Edge. And for guitar playing Joe Satriani p*sses all over the Edge :)
    They are pretty rugged, mines hit the ground hard several times and survived. However, if you have a clipless moment crossing a river and the unit is completely submerged for about a minute it does get a bit of condensation under the glass. And stops working :oops:
  • great thanks for the feed back,

    So if you can use the info from, does that mean that I could get the 705 with out the MTB topo pakage (hence saving a few quid) and just download the bike hike info? I guess this would mean that there is no topograpical info.

    I would be using it also for the normal bike computer functions.. anythign to bring a bit of joy into the uninspiring commute to work! but I will chk out the other device you mentioned
    Rockhopper '05
    Cube Reaction RX '10 (when ever they get around to building it)
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    Personally I prefer BikeRoutetoaster over Bikehike.
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    but if you were going to do that you might as well get a 305?