Front lights for night country riding

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Evening all,

I generally ride on the road then into the county onto dirt tracks, which I'm sure you can imagine are quite dark after work these days.

I've got a cateye on the front which is good enough for the roads, but could really do with another light on the front to really light up the country tracks. Anybody got any advise regarding powerful lights on the market? Not looking to spend much. Hopefully no more than £30, or am I being a cheapskate?



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    before someone else does it- lights thread ... t=12660193

    as for lights under that amount of money, i picked up a halogen thing for twenty quid a couple of years ago, and it's a good place to start for relatively little money. i now have upgraded to a joystick, hesitant as i am to mention it on this forum!
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    A) ultrafire 502b Cree XPE-WC-R2 £11.63 x 2
    or B)TrustFire P7-F16 SSC P7-WC 3-Mode £22.38
    pair of 2.4Ah 18650 cells £3.88
    Charger £5.44
    4 x 22mm pipe clips, 2 M5 35mm bolts 6 nuts and 4 washers.

    A = 560 Lumens (1/2 a car headlight)
    B = 900 Lumens (3/4 of a car headlight)

    for £35.00 (or less)

    The 502b will be at least twice a bright as the basic cateye. So if budget is tight start with one. Even though the 502b has almost half the power of the P7, it should put out more usable light (as a pair) and will last longer (run time)