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Hi Guys

I've been visiting the site for some time now in preparation for buying my first bike - it's basically for my own fitness on countryside and rural routes and eventually a 40 mile commute (20 miles both ways - partially in city of glasgow, so quite heavy traffic), but I'd prefer a decent bike around the £700 - £850 mark.

I apologise for this obvious question, but I have some options that are currently available and would welcome anyone's thoughts:

Specialized Allez elite (09) - £780 at Tredz
Focus Variado expert triple (09) - £711 at Wiggle
Corratec Dolomiti 105 (09) - £720 at
Scott Speedster S30 Ultegra Ltd Edition (09) - £850 at Tredz
Giant Defy 1 (09) - £730 at Tredz
Bianchi via nirone tiagra - £800ish from local supplier

Most of these (apart from the Scott) have a 105 groupset, but I don't know much about other components like wheels and brakes to make a decision. Any thoughts on the retailers would also be welcome. I'd like to support my local guy (solidrock cycles) and know the benefits with set up and aftersales service, but also want the best deal I can get.

I'd be happy to spend less if a good bike was available and could also push it a bit higher if advice was that a good deal could be had for my needs.

Any advice is very welcome, as well as other options worth considering - I don't know how any of the options above suit my intended use, but all have been recommended at some stage by an assistant at some of the local bike stores.


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    Go for the Scott, highest spec there.
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    I can't see the Scott on Tredz website but if it does have Ultegra then it's a complete bargain and you should get it.

    The Specialized and Bianchi have Tiagra kit so are lower spec than the others but the advantage of buying the Bianchi from a local shop is that they will (should) make sure you get the right size and that it fits perfectly. They're also close by if you have any problems with the bike or it needs any adjustments.
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    First bike I would definitely buy local
    You need to make sure you get the right size or it will be a complete waste of money whatever the spec
    If I'd ordered mine over the net it would have been too big!
  • Yep, Scott all the way. I got the S60 so entry level components but same frame - the frame is great so the S30 with Ultegra will be a very good bike for that money.

    They have the Speedster in a lot of shops so you could always try before you buy - also, many LBS will price match so try that.

    Couldn't recommend it more highly though.
  • Im sure most people will agree that you need to go to your lbs for a proper bike fitting and to try the bikes out.
    A mouthfull of mud, i guess ive crashed

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