Christmas gifts for £50 or less

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It's this time of year again and the wife and parents are asking for a christmas list!!!!!!!!

Any one got any ideas for cool stuff not just but mainly bike related to make a christmas list up!!!!! Try to keep it unde £50 please!!!!!!


  • Vouchers from online Cycle stores :wink:
  • Harry182
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    Hint taken from another thread -

    Endura Baa Baa L/S Base Layer - about £30
  • got baa baa base layer already, commented on it on that thread!!!!!!!!!! Cheers tho!

    Vouchers I would love them but family don't do "lazy presents"
  • .blitz
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    CRC and Wiggle start categorising gifts by price nearer to Xmas. Make up your own wish list and let the family choose.
  • Tyres, wet, dry & intermediate sets.
    Need any tools, workstand etc?
    Clothing, jerseys and such.

    Main problem is we dont know what you have, need, or want.
  • Magic Shine light £50

    That's what Santa is bringing me (or he better be).
  • The Rookie
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    Set of carbon bars are on my list.....

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  • Northwind
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    I always reckon the best presents are things you want, but wouldn't buy. Though what that means for you, I don't know :lol: I quite fancy getting a pair of waterproof shorts for mine, I'd feel like a wuss buying a pair but I wouldn't object to wearing them :wink: Or maybe a really good floor pump or something.
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  • Neil
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  • a good track pump and a stans kit, both around £50 and an utter god-send...

    It's the sort of thing you wouldn't buy for yourself, but certainly worth trying if someone hands it to you!
  • Northwind
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    Ooh, stans kit, good shout.
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  • Cheers for the ideas!!! More researching required me thinks and as my brand new Copy of dirt hit the doorstep yesterday loadsa ideas ( im a hard 1 to cater for, no kids and two incomes means I pretty uch see it buy it!! ).

    Although the stans kit is taking my eye..

    Cheers Aaron
  • what about seals skin socks for winter rides, computer games, DVD's or a subscription to a rental service online, aftershaves or get them all to club together and get you one big present set of wheels or new forks, full gear overhaul or something.
  • GHill
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    Not sure about the availability outside the USA, but custom lock ring grips seem like a good gift idea - either ODI or Lizard Skins.
  • Magazine Subscription!
  • What about a nice multi-tool? You can get a really good one well within your £50.

    Decent sunglasses?

    Ridley Orion