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Cycle insurance

midiman33midiman33 Posts: 16
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I,ve been looking companies that offer cycle insurance.I tried to get a quote off Cycle guard.

They want more for a year to insure my bike that what I would be charged for a Porsche Boxster fully comp. :shock: :shock: :shock:


Are there any decent priced insurers out there?


  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    Have a search of the forum, loads of Insurance topics recently.
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    talk to your home insurance provider. and read the small print.
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  • Thanks yes I will look into it.
  • My friend recently got bike insurance for a year for £75 including any breakages. He's at Bristol Uni as well and Bristol has high bike crime (I think). Best thing to do is look around and don't go for the first one you see.
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  • Mine is covered on my home insurance, can't remember exactly how much extra it was, but it was peanuts compared to cycle insurance. They just wanted confirmation that it was under lock and key, etc. It's covered for theft and damage when using, no excess.
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  • I'm under Morethan home insurance - no specific requirements other that it is kept in a locked garage... Cost around half of what any cycle specific stuff cost. Only difference is I'm not covered for racing but I'm sure I'll cope!
  • Was in a similar situation and I thought cycle specific insurance would be best, but it turns out they were all really expensive.

    I've got Halifax home insurance and it didn't cost me about £50 i think for about £2ks worth of cover.
    (plus it's on the joint account rather than just mine :twisted: )

    In the space of about a month I and my mates all got their bikes stolen (a bit of rider error - long story) but thankfully it was all covered by our home insurance with pretty much like for like. Best was that I managed to replace an old gringo for a new Orange G2, having to pay only £100 (or thereabouts) excess.

    I think most home insurance companies use Wheelies of Swansea for replacements?
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