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A few weeks back I bought a new bottom bracket at a local Halfords, only to have to return it the next day when I discovered that the crank side cup was missing from the box.
Today I bought a FSA headset from the same shop (in a "security sealed" box). When I opened the box outside the store, it contained a used headset dripping in grease and with a cracked cup!! On taking the headset stright back into the shop, I was incredulous at the response which was caked with a "what's the big deal attitude"!! - no more in stock so I had to settle for a refund.
I can't see me using this shop again, but I hope that this is not representative of Halfords nationally, because they're in trouble if it is.


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    halfords is hit and miss

    depending where you go and who you talk to depends on the service you receive. Many halfords are good and very helpful where others are just clueless. if in doubt ask to speak to there bikehut manager, usually hes the best bet :D
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    Actually sounds remarkably similar to an experience Mr Toast had. He wanted to buy a new bottom bracket, they brought one out in a box. The box contained a completely different bottom bracket, fortunately opened it up before buying it because the local Halfords is notoriously bad.

    I think some branches have a bad habit of putting old broken bits they get off customer's bikes, putting them in whatever boxes they find, then forget to dispose of them. :s
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    Then again, I've had the exact same thing from Wiggle and Woolyhatshop. Wiggle were brilliant at sorting it mind, WHS less so, they didn't really seem to understand why I wasn't happy.
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    Its been a while since a Halfords topic has been on here!
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    I have a good sotry to tell about halfords
    So My mum wanted to get into biking and just wanted a cheap bike to start with so she went and bought some apollo town and trail bike :x grr to apollo being shit. so we went and i told her we could just get it in the box and because she doesnt know anything she said no let the professionals build it! LOL? we go back a week later and the wheels were loose and not put on properly and the stem wasnt tightened at all! Haflords cant even put together bikes from the fucking box!!