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Hybrid to Cyclocross advice please

Flanker37Flanker37 Posts: 70
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here is my current Hybrid
Its a 2001 Ridgeback Velocity, which has had many changes. Primarily the wheels i changed to shimano 105's

What i would like to do is change it to a cyclocross road bike.

i would like to put some compact drop bars on, as i only have small hands anyway, and i would like to put the brake/gear levers on like these ... /32279.jpg with the STI shifters.

I need to change the handlebar stem to an ahead design, as mine is the old quill stem arrangment. That also means changing my front forks. The ones on my bike now are steel, so might change to lighter alloy or carbon forks like these ... elID=39460

So i would like to know if i need to do anything else. can i keep my existing gears, or do they need to be changed?

I would really like your advice in this matter folks


  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    £150 on forks and ~£100 on STIs would suggest to me that its really not worth it. Plus bars, stem and headset. There's £300+ for starters. Then if you want 105 (which is 10 speed) you'd need new derailleurs, chainset, cassette, chain and maybe even a new back wheel as well. Add another £200-£300!

    If you want a cyclocross bike I'd recommend you sell your current bike and buy a proper cyclocross bike. Pretty sure you could pick up something like a used Tricross Sport for £300-£400. You'd certainly get something decent for <£500.
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  • andypandyp Posts: 8,847
    Cyclocross bikes need wider clearances than standard road bikes to prevent mud from clogging up and fouling the drivetrain and tyres. Cantilever brakes are also required for the same reason. The Ridgeback frame has none of these so isn't really suitable.

    As amaferanga says, it'll be as cheap to pick up a second cross bike for around the same price as it would cost you to convert the Ridgeback, and it'd be fit for purpose.
  • sheffsimonsheffsimon Posts: 1,282
    as above, dont bother, get a proper cross bike if you want to ride cross.
  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    you really do need the clearance. I struggle to get 30mm cx tyres in my pompino, which is sort of designed for it.
  • petejukpetejuk Posts: 235
    I agree with the advice here. In terms of cost, changing the bits and pieces you listed is likely to set you back in excess of 300 pounds which does make the project rather pointless. If you're stuck on building something up with a limited budget over time, my advice would be to trawl ebay for secondhand components (even a frame and forks) and swap over the bits you can off your existing bike and sell what you have left , leaving more money for your project.
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