What wheels?

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What wheels does the Carrera Kraken 06 use? I'm being searching the internet for ages. Cant even find out what wheels they are on this years version.


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    mat I ask why?

    what do you want to know?
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  • Because i need to replace one of mine because its completely screwed. The back one needs to be reaplced. I cant go have a look because my bike is up my fathers.
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    any will do.
    The detail

    The frame is a real looker, with its polished finish and grey graphics, and the Suntour XCR fork, with 100mm of travel plus lockout and preload adjustment, looks like it could have been made for the Kraken. The bike comes with cable operated Tektro discs, a SRAM 27-speed transmission including X.7 trigger shifters, an SX5 rear mech, and a budget Truvativ Isoflow crank. The wheels, bar, stem and saddle are all no-name components.
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    Details available on this very website - click on 'show full spec' on top right:

    http://www.bikeradar.com/gear/category/ ... aken-10013
  • Damn. That sucks. Which wheel should i buy then. I need something relatively cheap.
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    How cheap is cheap? Hmm. It's just possible I could sell you a pair of wheels off an 08 Kraken, if you want to keep the same model, just with a more recent and higher spec... They're not any more "right" for the bike than any other mind.

    Don't worry about not getting the same rim, the old ones were nothing special. Neither are the new ones ;)
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  • How much are we talking? The only reason I wanted the same one was because i thought it would look stupid with different wheels but doesnt bother me much now.
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