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Is it only me that...

Nick6891Nick6891 Posts: 274
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this time last year had the full winter gear out and was still freezing!!

but this year is still in shorts and tshirt lol

im loving this mild weather :lol:


  • I hope that you haven't put the kiss of death on the weather for tomorrow morning.
  • Rich158Rich158 Posts: 2,348
    Nah, I prefer it a bit crisper in the mornings, wakes me up a treat :wink:
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  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    Leeds will be sub-zero, the rest of the country will be in the 70's :lol:
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  • Nick6891Nick6891 Posts: 274
    haha well ill tell you this time last year it was absolutely freezing last year, i work in a sports centre and i had to cancel professional hockey games 7weeks in a row due to astro turf been either covered in snow or ice

    i do agree though, i do like those crisp mornings, makes me feel good for the rest of the day
  • Yep, jersey and shorts this afternoon (visit to bike shop) - beautiful blue skys, sun was out.. marvelous. Really reminded me of summer - heck it's even better as you don't get too hot as the air is still quite cool :)

    Easy to over-dress though when it suddenly gets mild - caught me out a few days ago. I'm sure it'll get me again when it's suddenly cold & I'm only in a jersey :lol:
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