Bloody rim tape

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Firstly, I'd like to say hello think I might be new to this forum - I was a member of the mbuk forum and this one accepted my login details. What happened to Did it just get merged with this site or something?

Anyway, I've been restoring a road bike over the past month and it was only Tuesday that I finally got to ride her. Anyway, after 2 rides and 2 separate punctures which I fixed, I came home today to find the rear was flat AGAIN!!! ARGH. So first thing was to fix it again and go out on it tonight. Got it all sorted and started to pump it up. Got to about 100 psi and it goes flat again. It seems that the hole from last night went straight through the rim tape and the subsequent puncture has gone through a repair kit patch and the rim tape again (I turned the inner tube round so it wouldn't be over the hole, and the hole itelf wouldn't but over a hole for the spoke, but I taped the little hole in the rim tape up). So my question is, what on earth am I doing wrong? Apart from the fact that there's a hole in the rim tape, but that hole isn't what caused the 2nd puncture anyway because I turned the rim tape round!!!!

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    so the spokes are causing the punctures?

    poor quality rim tape and/or too long spokes.

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