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Stuck seat tube

mungry pricemungry price Posts: 9
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Hi all i need some advice

i have a old steel framed bike and the aluminium seat tube has stuck inside, it will not move at all. It hasent been adjusted for many years :cry: I would like to get it out so i can sell it. i have tryed boiling water, WD40 i have also tryed hanging of iti with a big pipe spanner to no avail. i would appriciate and advice.


  • Have you tried bashing the saddle sideways? Get an old saddle and try that way...
  • I went down the big hammer rought fairly early on :twisted: but no movment at all.
  • What about sticking a metal bar between the saddle rails and trying to twist the seatpost that way.. the longer the bar the bigger the lever...
  • k2riderk2rider Posts: 575
    clamp the seatpost in a sturdy vice and twist it using the frame and try some plus gas as its a penetrating oil which wd40 isnt.
    who cares?
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    read Sheldon Browns 12 ways to remove a stuck seat post.

    Links below.
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    Parktools :?:SheldonBrown
  • I had the same issue many years ago. Turns out the seatpost had been down too far and had gone into the butting of the tube. ended up sending it to a mates workshop where they got some serious leverage on it (as mentioned above) and twisted the censored out of there.
  • jairajjairaj Posts: 3,009
    what others have said. read Sheldon Brown's guide and try twisting it out not pulling it out.
  • Some good advice thanks i will give them a go
  • MrTapirMrTapir Posts: 1,206
    This happened to me recently. I got some penetrating oil (as mentioned by someone else, i think you can get it from a car parts shop, i got mine off a mate), and every day squirted it round the seat post where it went into the seat tube. DId this for about a week, adding a bit every day and trying to twist it round using the seat as leverage and after about a week it worked.

    Thing is the oil takes all the rust and stuff with it and sits atop your bottom bracket so if it works you could take the BB out and give it a clean.

    When you regrease the post, dont use lithium grease, which acts as a bonding agent between steel and aluminium. Ive got teflon based grease which works well.

    good luck!
  • i have a old steel framed bike and the aluminium seat tube has stuck inside,

    Seat tube? Seat post/pillar?
    Alloy seatpillar can sometimes be removed with liquid nitrogen or a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher to freeze the seatpillar then put in vise and twist. If it still does not move then abandon. Or maybe
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