Looking for Winter Jacket & Gloves

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Hey everyone,

I am after a bit of advice on jackets & gloves. My bike has took a back seat because of the cold! I got a nasty cold from cycling in the wet and cold, and havent got back on it in a month! Its a complete waste, especially as my training was going really well. So i need to pick up some clothing!

I already have a DHB base layer, a couple of jersey's and a pair of full lenth leggings, which do a good job of keeping me warm. Hoever, i dont have a decent jacket or full finger gloves (just my Pearl Izumi mits). The jacket, i am after something that will keep the wind out and is shower proof. Doesnt have to be completely waterproof, because they are usually boil in the bag. But something lightweight & durable as it will be used to commute everyday.

With regards to the gloves, i am after something very similar, in that im mainly hoping to keep the wind out, so that my fingers arent red raw and numb by the time i get to work! Also, are headbands a worthwhile investment? Ive been recommended to get one to keep my forehead/ears warm, but before i blow my hard earned cash, though i would get some reviews.

To give you an idea, ive got about £100 to spend on these clothing items, and sizes need to go up to XXL.

In addition, has anyone got any decent light recommendations? Ive not got a fortune to spend, but currently run low end cateye lights and am conscious that in the dark nights i am not highly visible.

Any advice will be great.




  • Monty Dog
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    Gore do some nice windstopper jackets - the Tool is highly recommended and they do some nice windstopper gloves too. I wear a headband too - or a Buff which you can wear a number of ways. For cheap, powerful lights look at other posts on the subject.
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    The Polaris Aqualite is a reasonable showerproof with a layered system it works just fine. I use a light waterproof like this over a Niteride If the waterproof goes on a different layer needs to go. It can become a buggers muddle especially if you go for a windproof waterproof. Gloves I end up with 2 or 3 different ones to get me by. I'm using a pair of Adidas wind gloves at the moment fine on chill mornings, but I have some Chiba winter gloves for worse weather and Polaris Vortex for the real sub zero cold[/url]
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    I've just bought a pair of Giro Blaze gloves. Whilst not water proof they are a lovely, perfectly fitting long fingered glove which keep my hands warm without being bulky. They are very nicely made ! and look great. Ideal for the colder weather

    from 2wheelsonly on ebay £24.99


    I would recommend going to the Giro site for the fitting guide before you purchase, you'll need a tape measure.
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  • garnett
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    I'm looking a similar set of items...

    At the moment I'm looking at one of Decathlon's jackets.

    And probably these Decathlon gloves.

    I also get cold ears, and I use a cheap Buff copy.

    For lights I use a zebralight for my front and a cheap Dealextreme LED for the back.

    If you haven't switched to LED you really should IMO - marked improvements in brightness and battery life and very cheap.

    Hope that helps.