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forks and angles

morleyman200morleyman200 Posts: 513
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hi all, my brother is looking at a new bike. he has found a giant trance 2005 model for £500. ... pring_2005

so far he will be changing the brakes, to hydrolics, probs to juicy 3s or 5s. but the forks that come with it only have 100mm travel. and he wants it for hard descents. he is only 13, and is very light, so doesn't want to splash out on an expensive bike. at the moment he has some forks that have 120mm of travel on a saracen he has. would there be any problem in just doing a straight swap as long as the steerer is the same length? would it change the geometry alot?

any ideas.



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    the trance is a 100mm travel XC bike not

    he would do better spending 650 on a decent long travel hardtail bike.

    also i do not think the fork from the Saracen would be up to it
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