Which would you choose <£500

dolbz12 Posts: 30
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Carrera Vanquish 08
Merida Road Race 880-24 Road Bike (2009) £499.99

TREK 1.1 C

Which would you buy!!!!!


  • Cranks
    Cranks Posts: 129
    The Merida.

    Easy choice.

    Very impressed with what you get for your money here.
  • dru
    dru Posts: 1,341
    You can get hold of a Boardman for a fraction more (even less on Bike to work schemes etc?
  • softlad
    softlad Posts: 3,513
    The Carrera is probably the best-specced bike out of the three - that would be my choice..
  • giant_man
    giant_man Posts: 6,878
    Merida for me, it came out high in the C+ boty I recall.
  • mickmcg
    mickmcg Posts: 48
    Might be worth checking out your local Halfords for the 07 Vanquish - they are not online anymore but I went into my local store today looking at roofboxes and they had the 07 with full Tiagra for £260, with a £20 accessory voucher

    walked away with a very decent winter trainer with Crud Road Racer gaurds for £267, brand new in the box for me to put together later/tomorrow

    well worth a trip down or phone call
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