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Saddle clamp loose

FancypantsFancypants Posts: 44
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Hello all

I hope someone can shed some light on why I might be contending with an ongoing irritation in relation to a brand new Ritchey pro v2 seatpost I bought only a couple of weeks ago.

when, after 5 years, the bolt that held the saddle clamp on my old post finally snapped, I thought "fair enough, no harm done" and bought/fitted another. However, one rather serious accident later it became apparent that I had fallen foul of the crime of overtightening.

I was much more cautious thereafter and the saddle kept working loose. I am a big chap (15st) so thought maybe this was also due to the engagement teeth on the old seatpost rounding off after all the grief they'd had. So I bought a new seatpost, this time with two (!) saddle clamp bolts.

Thing is, this one seems to get loose after only a couple of days riding too - and the bolts are getting pretty close to as tight as it'll go (obviously I won't go the whole way due to concerns about shearing the bolts again). Any ideas about how this might be addressed?

Any ideas would be most appreciated.
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