Is this noise caused by a dodgy headset bearing?

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Getting a light ticking noise, which seems to come from the headtube area. It's a fairly random noise, but it's apparent most of the time and could be associated with road undulations etc. In other words, as more pressure is taken by the headset, it makes more of these ticking noises.
I've taken the fork out and the bottom headset bearing feels just very slightly rough, but nothing major. Could this be the most likely cause of a noise like this?
Can pressed-in bearings be serviced, or do I need to get it out (which I guess will destroy it) and replace with new?
Thanks for any advice.


  • aoeu
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    Take the bearings out, remove old dirty grease with kerosene and let dry. Then regrease everything and reinstall. Go from there.
  • Droops
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    Sorry to be such a thickie, but how do I get the bearings out? They seem to be pressed in - it's a 2004 Spesh Allez Comp, if that's significant.