Stuck seat post

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At the weekend I dedcided that I need to raise my seat post a little, despite riding with it at this height for a number of months.

However when I undid the seat post clamp & tried to wiggle it up it was absolutely stuck.

Anyone got any tips of how to "unstick" it - I dont want to damage my frame by applying too much pressue so just wondered if this is a common problem or any "magic" tricks to get it moved.
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  • Anonymous
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    You need a new bike.

    I recommend a Litespeed Siena.
  • skyd0g
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    What materials are the frame / seatpost?
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  • tifferz
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    it is a Scott Speedster S40 - I think both frame & seat post are some kind of alloy.

    Would love to use this as excuse to get new bike but not sure that would get approval from domestic management
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  • lateralus
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    the hacksaw method worked for me.
  • tifferz
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    Thanks Lateralus - looks like there a few ideas to try tonight in the garage.
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    glad you maid it
  • El Gordo
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    The rather brutal method which worked for me was to fit an old cheap saddle on to the post then I belted the nose sideways with a 4lb lump hammer until it turned the post. Once the post is turning then extraction is just a matter of perserverance.

    This was on a tough old steel MTB though. I would probably be more gentle on a decent roadbike.
  • Nuggs
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  • wd40, and a heat gunn, with some raw power!!!
    Up hup hup hup.....fricking hate that!
  • tifferz
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    cheers for all the advice, managed to get it out last night.

    Went for the "old saddle & hammer" technique which worked eventually & didnt even destroy the old saddle.

    Now nicely greased to avoid happening again
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