large packs of BB's?

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Anyone know where to get large packs/jars of ball bearings? I'd prefer like more than a pack of 32 or something, more like 100 or so. Anyone know a good website? Looking for em for like the hubs.



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    All sizes, all grades, all pack sizes, loose ball bearings, complete bearings etc etc.

    Seen them reccommended dozens of times in these forums
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    Hmmm, 10 for £1.36??
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    I bought some ball bearings from a seller on ebay called toolsupply. Pretty good bulk prices, I bought 100 3/32 for approx £5.50 delivered. Have a look, check for yourself. I bought .... ... 5883b75d33

    Hope this helps :)
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    Will, just be aware that bearings are graded.

    Grade 10 is good. Grade 100 is not so good.

    Also note that they are mass manufactured and therefore surprisingly cheap if you're accustomed to paying the huge markups that bicycle component manufacturers typically charge for this sort of thing.
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    What will happen to grade 100 bearings?
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    freehub wrote:
    What will happen to grade 100 bearings?

    They wont run as smoothly.
    Its like running on stones as opposed to marbles.
    The higher the grade the more perfectly round and smooth they are.
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    Ball Grades & Materials
    A Simple Explanation of Ball Grades.

    The grade refers to the surface quality and precision of the ball,
    The lower the number the better the ball quality. e.g. Grade 3 is the highest quality and grade 2000 is the lowest
    Grade 100 is accepted as the industry standard ball grade.
    A Simple Explanation of Stainless.

    Stainless steel balls will resist corrosion but are not as hard as the chrome steel balls.
    316 Stainless is suitable for food and marine applications and is not magnetic (can be magnetised eventually)
    420 is a cutlery grade, is harder and polishes up well, 440 is magnetic and is one of the hardest stainless grades.
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