What type of cleat should I go for -- newbie advice

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I'n looking at getting some new look pedals (classic or sprints)and I need to some more information on the different type of cleat angles that are available and benefits of these.. I believe these come in 0, 5 & 9 degress.. How do you know which is best to buy... Is it just down to personal preference or riding style..

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    I just use the cleats that come with the pedals (usually the 4.5 degree one).
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  • M8 only used SPD and Speedplay. Started on SPD these were great and more or less bomb proof, 1 of the only reasons I moved from SPD to Speedplay was the fact I bought another bike (see Sumer Ride) and thought SPD's on that would not look right; so rather than buy another pair of shoes, I went for Speedplay, and to be honest never looked back. The Cleats are a bit of a faff to get set up but once done they are easy in stay in and easy out, they have a good float adjustment system, which BTW I have reduced to the minimum.
    Float for me was a non-starter I am happy with my feet being in a fixed angle.
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    As only a newbie a couple of years ago, I'm learning fast! Just wish the riding was fast too!

    Anyways, I started with ''Look'' pedals over two years ago, and then moved over to Speedplay about six months ago. (As everhyone will tell you) they are a little bit of a pain to set up, but once your rocking and a rolling you won't look back. Solid, double sided, no springs, lightweight, etc, etc. Seriously - consider Speedplay.
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    + 1 for Speedplay Zeros.
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    I have 0 deg float cleats on Shimano SPD SL's, i.e. pretty close to yoru possible Look set up. A lot of people are worried about 0 deg float and people have suffered knee damage due to incorrect set up.

    Get a bit of float, we're not in Le Tour here and the loss in power transfer is negligible for your average punter. I'm happy with my 0 deg but I have tended to stay injury free through years of various sports so perhaps I'm lucky with my physiology.