which cyclo cross!? Advice please

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Hi fellas,

After much deliberating- and almost going down the evil MTB route :twisted: (i intended to put skinnier tyres on)- i have decided a cyclo cross bike is appropriate for my requirements, which are:

Gentle off road- tracks, gravel paths etc
Looking flash lol

I have a budget of £700ish- but would much rather buy a well looked after cyclo cross which was £1000 and is now £600 as its a year old! :D

I would really like disc brakes- although this seems to be on v few models- and will probably be expensive!

I will also need to fit mud guards as i aim to commute in it!

There seems to be lots of road and MTB for sale second hand- but cyclo cross seem to be much rarer :(

Any ideas on which models would be appropriate? I have tried to do some research and have come up with the following:

SPECIALIZED TRICROSS (maybe a sport or a comp if i can find one cheaper second hand)

Kona Jake (or jake the snake)

Planet X Kaffenback

Kinesis Crosslight

Genesis Vapour

Focus Mares Cross (good VFM but mini v brakes dont sound good...can it handle mud guards?)

Planet X Uncle John

Ridley Bikes Crossbow

Giant Crosser - mud guards?

When it comes to MTB- its easy to spend a lot of money on really rugged kit- as a cyclo cross wont be required for such tough stuff- would a £500 cyclo cross be as good as a £800 cyclo cross (except a bit heavier- which i can handle!)

Any advice or previous experiences would be excellent!



  • just noticed the Spesh Tricross Comp model has the tripple chainset- which given my lack of fitness and range of uses- would be highly desirable!! Its bloody expensive though!
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    the ridley crossbow will take guards and racks
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    I'm really enjoying my Kinesis Crosslight. It's very versatile, with mudguard eyelets and rack mounts if you are that way inclined.
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    There are quite a few second hand cross bikes on ebay at present. In terms of new, the major manufacturers all seem to have a cross version of their road bikes these days - the choice is huge compared to 15 years ago. Haven't ridden any myself so can't offer an opinion but you should find something within your budget easily (although you may struggle to get the disc brakes). They'll be perfect for what you want, I'm surprised they aren't used more for commuting to be honest.
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    Marin Toscana sounds what you're looking for. It has disc brakes and from photos looks like it has mudguard eyes.
  • @dodgy

    Thats not a bad buy, a 105 trans, would have been nice, but for the price.