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Cycle2work scheme (Halfords) - buying a Brompton

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Hi all, I would like to purchase a Brompton on the Halfords scheme ( having already bought one bike this way). Halfords say I need to source a bike from a local Brompton dealer then get them to deal with Halfords. Today I went to a bike shop in Hove and they said that as Bromptons were a British manufacturer there wasnt a lot of "mark-up" on these models and that if they were to order one in it would take around 12 weeks and there would be a surcharge of around £80 to make the deal viable. Has anybody bought a Brompton via Halfords C2W? If so, were there any problems. Any advice welcome.
(I did do a "search" but can't find anything specific about my problem)

Thank you in advance.
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  • No but i made serious enquiries about a Brom before sticking with my Birdy and getting a full size b2w'er via cyclescheme so halfords didn't come into my thinking but I didn't hear anything about surcharges. you could have a word with brompton directly & see if they can fettle a 1:1 deal with halfords (prob not but worth an ask)

    They also told me it would be about 6 weeks for my own specification one to be done, but the credit crunch has hit harder since then, they could be working on less stock making for a longer wait.
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    Sorry if this is less than helpful, but it might be worth pestering your employer to set up an alternative scheme. Mine started out with just the Halfords option, but after lobbying by BUG members started another scheme involving 9 local independent dealers. This widens the choice available (Halfords claim to be able to get any bike, but as you've found out, it ain't necessarily so), and enabled me to get a Brompton from a friendly LBS.
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  • As a tip, see if there are any local bike shops which accept the Halfords vouchers direct. I bought a Condor Fratello direct from Condor using a Halford's voucher (though I understand from a colleague that Condor are now charging a 5% fee for taking the vouchers). And the bike shop near my office (On Your Bike, Tooley St, London Bridge) takes Halfords vouchers and stocks Bromptons - a colleague has just bought a Charge Plug from them using a Halford's cycle-to-work voucher and it seemed to go smoothly.

    And if you can't find a local (to Hove) bike shop which takes Halfords vouchers, a day return on the train from Brighton/Hove to London Bridge one Saturday to pick up a shiny, new Brompton wouldn't be too much hassle or costly (I'm always amazed how many people do that commute every day).
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  • I am on the Halfords C2W. I purchased a Focus Cayo last year. Initially I was told it was not possible but I emailed Wiggle directly who supply Focus and managed to get one. UNfortunately Wiggle no longer supply Focus bikes to Halfords C2W.

    The point I am making, I would email Brompton directly and see what they sayand take it from there. You may be luckier on this route.
  • Thank you everybody. I have taken note of THI's suggestion and will contact On Your Bike this coming Monday. I presently commute to Victoria from the South Coast and, good as my Trek folder is, a Brompton seems so much more convenient. I have emailed Brompton direct but I think a little trip to Tooley Street is on the cards.
    Once again thank you all,

    Start Weight: 128 kilos (20.2 st) (April 17th 2009)
    Current Weight:119 kilos (18.7 st) (June 18th 2009)
    Target Weight: 92 kilos (14.5 st) (sometime mid-2010, hopefully sooner)
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