Ultegra rear derailleur q?

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Can't sleep so just been changing the tube on my rear wheel (which needed doing) and noticed when shifting through the gears that when I'm on the small chainring going down through the smaller cassette rings, the chain rubs over a point between the two derailleur wheels, as the lower derailleur wheel is in fact moving slightly higher up then the upper sits (if you get me).

Is this the correct function as I've never notcied it before? It rubs through the last 5 rings and needless to say more so the smaller I go.

I put the bike in for a service last Friday and the mechanic said he'd tweaked the derailleur wheels a bit and then I rode the bike fine on Sun and Mon for the best part of 60 miles so I am guessing it's me being a n*b, needing to brush up on my tech (which I really must do considering how long I've been riding :oops:) and I'm over tired.
Still, cheers for any guidance you can offer.


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    chain could be a tad long. The mech should be able to handle big-big but be fairly tight on that setting. If it's fairly relaxed on big-big then small-small will be overly sloppy. There are other methods for deciding chain length but this is the basic jist of it.
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  • If you`ve had the rear wheel out, are you sure it`s properly located back in the drop-outs?
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    Cheers for the reponse chaps, yep I have taken it out and put it back in (the wheel) a few times to make sure it's not me doing something wrong. I'm off riding on it now so will see how I get on.
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    When you are on big ring and smallest cog the jockey wheels should be about vertical. The lower one may be slightly back if running 50/34 with 12/27 which is close to the mechs real capacity.