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Anyone on here have the Spesh Deviant helmet?
I saw one in Leisure lakes and for a full face lid,they seem to have quite a few good air vents.
I want one to use at trail centres as i think i'd have more confidence with one knowing i'm less likely to use my face as a brake with one.
I'd use my usual lid for off trail centre stuff.
Any opinions on this Deviant would be great,
Thanks, Caz xxxx


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    I have a Deviant Carbon, only used it once so far though. Fits me well (you really need to try first though), is pretty light and reasonably well ventilated. The last two are relative to other full facers though, a normal lid is in a different league weight/ventilation wise. It's probably OK for trail riding when it's not too hot and assuming you take it off (or at least push it up) when climbing.
    I would say look at a Met Parachute instead but I'm not convinced they'd hold up well to a face plant (and experiences differ widly between people that have posted they've crashed wearing one).
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    I'd recommend you avoid a Met Parachute at all cost, not much more protection than a normal helmet, and much less than a full face.

    The chin guard designed to lesser the damage a face plant might cause, can snap on impact (seen this happen) and stab you, not good.

    If your thinking of getting a Full Face helmet, then make sure you try it on first (though I'm sure you will) because fit is even more important with FF helmets.
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  • I'll deffo try them on as i'm an odd size, well i am with motorbike lids, i've only got a pin head lol.
    It's an excuse to go shopping too and what girl turns down a shopping trip :D.
    Caz xxx
  • RIKO
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    I've got a deviant really good helmet the missus has also got one, they are well ventilated but this is for a full face they do get warm. They do have a adjustable strap at the back of your head which helps fit. For cross country protection perhaps try a Giro Zen or Hex for more rear head protection.
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    Whytepeak wrote:
    The chin guard designed to lesser the damage a face plant might cause, can snap on impact (seen this happen) and stab you, not good.

    Nobody ever asks what might have happened if it hadn't been there at all ;) Would've been his jaw doing the impacting instead, most likely, and that's not fun.

    Though it's true, the Parachute isn't a full face helmet, it's an XC lid with a wee dash of face protection, not a match for the real thing at all. I'm not sure there's much point to it myself but my mate loves his, he's tested it a couple of times too. If I wanted full face protection I'd get a full face helmet...
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    I too have seen somebody face plant wearing a Met Parachute. He went down real hard over some steep terracing in the Pyrenees and the chin guard didn't budge. I bought one the following week as a result!.I've also seen someone face plant on a trail they've ridden dozens of times without one on and ended up with a horrendously broken cheek bone.

    Overall I don't wear mine all the time as sometimes I think it's overkill but if I'm riding anywhere a bit necky but don't wanna go the whole hog with my full face, it's a good option.
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    Im another Spesh Deviant owner and I really like mine.

    I have the carbon version, I think the weight and the ventilation are good. I have also tested its protection ability and thats very good too. I use mine for doing downhill and learning freeride tricks (jumps and drops etc). I have used it for more XC based rides too but found it quite hot.

    Bear in mind that I already get hot quickly and this was in summer time, it might not be an issue now the temperatures we're likely to see are colder. Personally I think its a great full face helmet but im not sure its viable for XC and trail centers?
  • I purchased one of these recently as I progressed to more aggressive trail riding. I've only used this in autumn weather but haven't found it too hot although I am in and out of the trees for most of the time so not in direct sun all the time.

    I had an off in Swinley yesterday. All my own doing down to over confidence on one of the downhill runs in the expert area. First and second jump had gone well, came round the next berm carrying too much speed launched and came down awkwardly on the front wheel.

    Luckily i flew forwards clearing the bike but landed on the helmet and my arms which took the impact. The angle in which i landed and the resultant dirt build up on the chin guard clearly showed that without a FFH I would have most certainly at least severely grazed my chin and jaw but potentially done even more damage.

    FFH every time for me and the Specialized Carbon stood up well yesterday.... Just need to get it checked out now to see if its a duffer or can be used again. :-(

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    I have one but I wouldn't wear it to a trail centre to ride a circular route - climbing in a full face is horrible - your last breath hangs around your face and get breathed back in. It's great for sessioning trickier stuff or uplift riding.
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