autumn/winter garments & preparation

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i'm determined that my second winter with a bike is going to be more productive than my first, and i'm going to get out and ride. bar lashing rain, i want to be able to go out without fear of losing feeling in toeas, fingers and ears.

i have about a 100 to spend.

i was gonna get some tights to go over padded shorts and under baggies i usually wear, some fleece gloves with grips, some thermal socks and a skull cap (i r bald and get cold!).

at chain reaction i can get these, a sales jersey and a hoodie (can't help myself) for under what i have to spend, but am i missing anything/getting carried away?

i already have a showerproof/windproof bike jacket (lightweight, folds etc) and some decent 661 shoes, so is there anything else i need to make my daytime winter riding more comfortable?

one mate says ditch the socks for overshoes, and i'm not sure if tights work that well?

any advice gratefully received... i want to remove all the wussy excuses for not getting out there this autumn and winter.

oh, and i keep my bike maintained, anything that i need extra of for winter?