Women's bib shorts vs Tri suits

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Wife wants some bib shorts - trouble is, she's seen some Assos F.TI shorts that have a vest type top, and she's rather taken by this style rather than the braces style. Seems these are rarer than hens teeth though.

Looking through some of the on-line retaillers, tri suits seem to be a very similar design. I'm no expert here. She isn't a triathlete, purely a road cyclist, so if she used a tri-suit, would she have any problems in comfort etc..




  • Wiggle do a version similar to Assos:

    http://www.wiggle.co.uk/p/cycle/7/dhb_F ... 360041767/

    Haven't tried a tri suit myself (see what I did there?) so can't comment on them I'm afraid.
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    Yeah - she liked the Finchdean ones, but sadly out of stock in her size, and they're not going to get any more.

    By the way ownworstenemy....you haven't been reading Peter Kay by any chance?
  • They're not getting them back in?! That's annoying - decent bibs for women (that aren't 180 odd quid) are pretty rare. There just doesn't seem to be the same demand for them as most women prefer shorts. Weird! :)

    Haven't been reading Peter Kay - what have I said?! Or is it the ferret?
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    Tri suits may be less practical when needing the toilet than some of the latest women's bib short designs
  • This is true - 'comfort breaks' can be a problem!

    Found these:

    http://www.bournesports.com/scripts/pro ... oduct=2677

    They look quite swish, might add them to my Christmas list.
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    Some tri suits do have longer zips making things a bit easier. But the general difference is the size/thickness of the chamois. It's designed so it doesn't take on too much water (not a problem with bike shorts mostly!) and so that you can run in them.

    As a result they're not quite as comfortable as bib shorts. Although I've never had any problems in triathlons with tri suits and bike rides up to 3hrs.
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    The lady bibs with full torso cover are not tri suits. Assos make tri suits as well but they are different. It depends how long she is riding for and in what weather conditions. I wear only assos shorts and bibs, but I have never tried the assos bibs with full torso cover, as I personally would get far too hot in summer in those. Even in winter I use waist shorts (or bibs with centre strap) under unpadded tights, or just padded bib tights, as I prefer to wear a proper base layer and wouldn't want what would effectively be two base layers on top of each other.
  • Castelli do a ladies bib short...
  • Castelli do a ladies bib short...