Need Help building a Power Tap wheel

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I am in a dilemma. I have never built a wheel and have no clue as to how to do so. I plan to buy a powertap SL+ for both training and racing.

The types of racing I do are crits and road races. and LOVE training. basically, i need a do it ALL wheel that is light and durable. I weight 140 pounds.

Any advice would be truly appreciated. :D


  • GavH
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    I too would be interested to hear the views on this.
  • ride_whenever
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    Choose a rim with the correct number of holes

    Order spokes of the correct length

    Lace and finish

    I'd be tempted to get a decent local wheelbuilder to do it, for light and durable, I'd probably go for an open pro rim and sapim cx-ray spokes. Although I'm sure someone will come along with some much better options for the rim. Building a wheel is relatively easy, if time consuming, although you really want a truing stand and a tension meter, which will cost a fair bit, hence the local wheelbuilder suggestion.
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    You can get this wheel truing stand as I am looking into rebuilding my back wheel soon, rim is dead and need a new one.

    these video's for tips on how to do it.
  • thanks for the replies!! Will definitely get the LBS to build the wheel. but am at odds with what rim/spoke combo to get. This will be my first 'custom' wheel and as such quite nervous about it.
  • Cranks
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    What type of racing?

    Could go for a Cadence Aero rim, strong and aerodynamic, stiff. Will survive pot holes and help you go fast in timetrials or road racing - maybe a bit heavy for climbing though.