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Radon RPS 6.0 Limited — any thoughts

caekcaek Posts: 3
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I am looking to buy a road bike. I have ridden hardtails and hybrids up to now. I'm living in Germany this year. I have found retailers here for the usual suspects for beginner's road bikes (especially looking at the Trek 1.2, although that wait for the 2010 is a drag and the 2009 is hard to find here), but I noticed the 2009 Radon RPS 6.0 Limited is on sale in my size at a German mail order seller.

My German is a little shaky, but this looks like a good bike for the money (if it seems expensive to you then remember the euro is very strong at the moment. For what it's worth, it's on sale at a little under the local RRP of the Trek 1.2). Ten speed, slightly lighter than the Trek 1.2, fancy wheels, etc.

They also have the standard RPS 6.0, which as far as I can tell is identical apart from the an RRP that's €200 less (although the sale prices are identical), a white paint job, an extra 100g in weight, a different saddle and a slightly different geometry (more upright, less aggressive? have I got that right).

While the Limited is no longer on the Radon site, there are full details of this one there.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Would I be getting a good deal with the Limited. Does anyone know anything about Radon in general? English language reviews/info are hard to find.


  • caekcaek Posts: 3
    No one? :? :)
  • knedlickyknedlicky Posts: 3,097
    I’ve seen a magazine test review of the Radon R1 6.0, which evidently is somewhat different from the RPS 6.0 Compact and probably your RPS 6.0 Limited too, because it comes with Sram Force group set, and different wheels, and is 1 kg lighter and almost twice the price of the RPS 6.0. But it gets a very good review and is judged best value-for-money in that price range, as are often Radon bikes generally in their respective price ranges.

    So, even without exactly knowing the details of your choice, I would therefore feel positive about it.

    (I think you shouldn't show impatience about replies – you might in the end get few, but eitherway only a few posters are regularly online)
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