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Observations on Bikes in California

sarajoysarajoy Posts: 1,675
edited October 2009 in Commuting chat
LOTS of cruiser bikes, notably in the coastal beachy areas. Borrowed a pair from a trendy motel we stayed at - they had coaster brakes - ARRGGHH it felt like I've never been so unsafe coming to a stop ever! And you couldn't just spin the pedal around to your favourite setting-off position (2 o'clock, right foot, for me). Yuck.

We hired hybrids to cross the Golden Gate Bridge in SF then ride around to... Tiburon I think it was called - for a ferry home. Dead nice ride but OUCH them saddles (the HUGE ones) hurt. Just big and chafey and nasty, but I just survived the 17 miles on one. They had the more roady hybrids available for hire too but they were pricier...

Also - just on the roads we were driving along between towns - LOADS of roadies. Unashamedly in all the proper lycra gear, some of them carrying 4 panniers each, front and back.

Oh, and finally, in San Diego, San Francisco, LA, all the big places - FIXIES EVERYWHERE. Come on, I had trouble /walking/ up those hills (the cablecar was fun though, wheeeee, it was rammed so we stood on the footsill and clung on for dear life)!

One or two pictures to follow once I get them sorted and uploaded... :)


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