storing summer wheels!!!

orbeasean Posts: 23
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has anybody got any advice on storing wheels for long periods 4 months approx i.e tyres of , tubes out, or just clean and leave alone thanks sean


  • softlad
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    let some of the pressure out (leave enough in so that the tyres keep their shape) and hang em up out of the way...
  • Wamas
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    Try to hang them in a place not in direct light.
  • Gav2000
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    When I was young my tortoise used to hibernate in winter just like your wheels. We used to put it in a cardboard box full of straw and leave it in the loft, maybe you could try the same?


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  • Chrissz
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    Mine (along with the rest of the bike) will shortly get a thorough strip down, clean and re-assembly along with lashings of polish :lol:

    Once that's all done the whole lot will go up into the loft until the sun starts peaking it's head out again :lol:

    (or it might just stay in the study, tyres slightly deflated and all slightly dirty) :lol: