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How long do C2W vouchers take to arrive?

gregster10217gregster10217 Posts: 469
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Submitted my paperwork on 1st October, day the scheme was relaunched, and still no sign of my voucher!!!!
I know it's a difficult question to answer, but anyone with experience of the Halfords scheme got any ideas?
Annoying as the bike is already at Halfords waiting for me.
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  • Took 2 weeks for mine :(
  • Thanks jonny. Just being impatient!!!!!!!
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  • jason78jason78 Posts: 158
    mine came through this moring after waiting nearly 2months :(
    however im happy now ive got the carbon pro in my mitts :D
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  • If I recall correctly, in my case you filled the online "Letter of Collection" stuff which you print off, sign and return to your own company. They then sign send it onto Halfords. I thought Halfords agreed to get the voucher to you within 5 working days of receiving it from your company. Maybe the delay is your company not forwarding things on to Halfords. When my company started the scheme with Halfords, they waited until they had a number of forms before sending them off. I am on my third scheme with Halfords C2W and would guess under two weeks form me sending the form to my company to receiving avouvher from Halfords.
  • It arrived in about 3 weeks from submitting the form. Going to wait for the Limited Edition Team Carbon to be released in December, got one ordered as well as them holding a regular team carbon, and then decide. It will probably be the Ltd Ed as it's a bit different from the norm and may help resale value if I decide to sell in the future.
    Limited Edition Boardman Team Carbon No. 448
    Boardman MTB Team
  • I've just found out that my voucher was sent back to Halfords by Royal Mail, so now I should be getting it delivered to work, hopefully it'll be soon too.
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