Anyone help?????

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Hi all

Actually i`m looking for a 700c tubular wheelset,but i don`t know does it can work with normal Racing Bike? Not a Triathlon Bikes. Thanks~


  • fto-si
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    If your asking can you fit tubular type wheels on a 'normal' racing bike then yes you can
  • jevon
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    Many thanks :D
  • Pross
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    Yep, in terms of fit they are the same as any other 700c wheels so assuming the bike is built for 700c wheels (as most road / racing bikes are) then they will be fine. I'm no expert on this but the hubs may not be compatible with the groupset you currently use though e.g. not sure if campag hubs will take Shimano cassettes - I'm sure someone with more up-to-date knowledge than me will let you know if this is the case. Tubular tyres can be a pain in the arse to fit though!