Time rxs - rxe cleat compatibility

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I have the chance to buy some road shoes second hand, they come with time rxs - rxe cleats on, can some one tell me what pedals they are compatible with, preferably cheap and cheerful :D .

Cheers all
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  • Limburger
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    All time RXS models. The RXE has been discontinued. Also time Xen pedals use the same, they are however horrible.

    Cleats can always be changed. new pedals will come with cleats anyway so if the shoes are nice (and a nice price) buy buy buy!

    ps. The RXS cleats are standard 3 bolt fixing so the shoes are compatible with all other 3 bolt cleats.
    Though obviously not necessarily compatible with 2 or 4 bolt fixings.
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  • Monty Dog
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    They'll also work with the previous Time impact pedals too - heavier but more robust IME
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  • mrushton
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    Might work with the new,sexy I-Clic