Why one odd spoke?

Uncle B
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Sorry if this is a silly newbie question, but...

I've been looking at a new bike specced with Campagnolo Vento wheels. Noticed that all except one spoke on each wheel are black aero spokes. However each wheel has one round silver spoke. Why is this? I had two novice thoughts 1) that this is the spoke you attach the sensor magnets to, or 2) is it to ballance off the valve?

Thanks in advance


  • Chrissz
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    What wheels are they?

    I know Mavic tend to have an odd spoke in their wheels - I thought it was purely a style thing - I could (and often am) be wrong :):)
  • Uncle B
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    Sorry as per the first post, Campagnolo Vento's

    If it is for the "look", then I'd prefer them all to be the same!
  • schweiz
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    I've seen hand built wheels with two contrasting spokes either side of the valve hole i.e. 2 black spokes and the rest silver with the idea (I believe) that it makes it easier to find the valve, just in case you failed to spot the big thing sticking out of the rim. I've just had a look at some pictures by using Google Images and all the spokes look the same to my tired eyes!

    e.g. http://shrani.si/files/dsc01060vv1b.jpg
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    It's to balance the wheel (alledgedly)
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