Ultegra chainrings

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A couple of questions. Can anyone tell me the difference between ultegra chainrings that are labelled "A" and "B"?
I'm looking to change my chainrings from the compact size Ultegra SL 6601 that i currenlty have to the traditional sizes of 39 and 53, does anyone know if I need to get specific rings that are 6601, or could I change to the ordinary ultegra 6600's?

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  • John.T
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    You can not fit standard Ultegra rings to a compact crankset. The cranks are 110 bolt circle diameter (BCD) and the rings are 130mm BCD. I use the Stronglight 110 Zicral ones here.
    They work fine and I think fitting larger rings to a compact set is a more versatile way of doing things. You can have the best of both worlds for far less than the cost of another chainset.