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Hi-the carbon seatpost on my Works Roubaix slips like a bugger-I've tried carbon paste to prevent it happening but it only seems to be effective temporarily.
Now the seatpost clamp bolt has stripped as well, from over-tightening.
The clamp is a 32.6 size, most other brand replacements offer a range of sizes, only not that one, and I'd be reluctant to order a Spesh replacement as the one I have seems to be made of jam.
Any advice appreciated..
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    My SWorks seatpost slipped in my Roubaix Comp, despite me tightening it beyond what I was comfortable to tighten a carbon tube to.

    I'd bought the bike at a sportive, a bike shop selling-off end-of year stock - they were 150 miles away and I couldn't exactly take it back to them so I gave them a ring.

    The guy laughed sympathetically and said he knew exactly what I meant and that what I needed was Tacx carbon assembly paste - they had a big drum of the stuff and if I'd lived locally I could have dropped-in and they'd have stuck a fingerful on.

    He said not to worry about over-torquing the post as the clamp was designed weaker than the post, so it would fail before I crushed the post
    (- I'm not sure I want to take that risk, even so...)

    But I bought the Tacx paste and that did sort it.

    And then a few days later a new seatclamp appeared in the post, with a note saying he hoped I'd solved it but if not to give him another ring
    - thanks, High on Bikes of Hereford :)
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    Can't help with the clamp - normally use Campag but think they're only upto 32mm. To stop slipping, use hairspray on the post and put it in wet. When it dries, it should stick firm (but not too firm when you want to remove it)
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    i had the same on my s-works roubaix too - the tacx compound fixed it for me though - strange stuff to use - but it seems to have done the job.
  • Another +1 for the Tacx Carbon assembly paste.

    Stopped my Specialized S-Works seatpost doing the Oki Coki and works really well on stem/handlebar fixings.

  • None readily available here, I used talc with good effect (Specialized again: Allez Comp alloy frame, carbon post)
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    I have 2 Specialized Pave seatposts- one in a Roubaix and one in an alu frame. Permatex Hylomar HPF gasket dressing works a treat- avail at automotive stores. Super sticky stuff but easy to extract the post if needed.
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    Didn't have issues with the seatpost in my Roubaix slipping (with 6nm torque), I started using Finish Line carbon grip stuff a while back though just for some extra security.
  • Thanks for all the replies lads, I've been using Finish Line but, because the roads here are so shite, the persistent jolting seems to be dislodging the grip it has on the seat post, and Im by no means heavy.
    Ill try get hold of the Tacx stuff.
    And change the clamp.
    Spesh Works Roubaix '10
    28 Charolais and counting.
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    what i did on my spesh tarmac s works just put a another seat post collar around the seat post works perfect never slipped again thats what the pros do at paris roubaix :wink: