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Big up for Street Life Cycles, Lowestoft.

hopper1hopper1 Posts: 4,389
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I recently felt the need for a new saddle (periodic numb tackle!).
I was using Fizik Arione's, but every now and then would have to stand up momentarily to relieve the numbness...
I went into Street Life Cycles as they are a Specialized Dealer and I wanted to look at the BG saddle range, before buying cheaply online! :oops:
I spoke to the guy behind the counter, enquiring after a BG Toupe Team saddle and he said that he had two Toupe saddle, then offered to lend me one for a couple of weeks to see what I thought. Bearing in mind that I had never been in the shop before, I thought this was very good of him.
I got on well with the seat so went back to return his saddle and purchase one for myself.
I didn't expect this small LBS to be cheap, but felt that as the guy had been so helpful, I'd make the purchase from him. He'd got a white one in specially, just in case I liked his and wanted to buy one. :wink:
As I've just bought a new winter bike, I thought I'd buy the slightly more padded Phenom for that bike, as well.
All in all 2 saddles valued at around £135, I was charged £100! :D
I wasn't expecting that, or the excellent service, so will be going there more often.
If you're in the area, give him a look if you need anything, you may be pleasantly surprised, too.

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  • epicdazaepicdaza Posts: 240
    This is also typical of Streetlife in Norwich!

    For an LBS they are superb, I wouldn't go anywhere else these days. They have done me some great deals and are always on hand to get me out of the sh!t when things go pear shaped, something you could never get from an on-line retailer.

    On line deals are great, but the assistance a good LBS can provide should never be under estimated, sure sometimes it may cost you a couple of quid more, but it could also save you a bundle through good advice alone.
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  • whitedialswhitedials Posts: 150
    Can only add to the praise.

    My LBS - absolutely brilliant service and a fantastic set of staff.

    Cannot recommend highly enough.
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