Tacx Sirius turbo trainer

Dick Scruttock
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How do people rate the Tacx Sirius turbo trainer? Looking to buy myself a turbo trainer to use over winter when the weather is not to good and wondered what ones people tend to use?


  • lfcquin
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    There is an article in this month's Cycling Plus that rates loads of turbo's. Probably worth a couple of quid on the mag before you dive in.
  • nmcgann
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    The Sirius is just fine. I have one (plus a Flow converted to iMagic) and it's well made and quiet in use.

    If I had a criticism it would be that the resistance control requires a fair bit of force to move the lever, so it is tricky to flick quickly to change the level. This may be similar on other turbos with mechanical resistance control - I don't know as the Sirius is the only non-electrical turbo I have tried.

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