Has anyone got a Refund for a bike on C2W scheme?

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Hello People,

Due to substandard quality, I have returned my bike which I obtain under the cycle 2 work scheme.
A month later a questionable repair was completed which I had not asked for.
I have rejected this fix.

I've stated that I would only accept a replacement or a refund.
I was informed that a refund was not available to me as I am in a Cycle 2 work scheme.

My question to you good people is has anyone obtained a full refund on a bike that you obtained on a cycle to work scheme?
Would that be retail price or salary sacrifice price?

I am fully aware that I signed an agreement for 12 deductions from my salary so I doubt very much I can get out of the contract.
Even thou I've had the bike 3 months, 1 month back at the bike shop and I've paid 9 months.

There have been many threads on here regarding rejecting, repairs & refunds for problematic bikes.
Do I not have the same consumer rights whilst locked into the C2W scheme?

Your help and or opinions much appreciated



  • It's your work that technically owns the bike at the moment. Maybe you should speak to the person that administers the system or to the C2W agency itself.
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    As mentioned above, your HR guys (or C2W admin) should have a word if the bike is faulty. Ultimately your company has purchased a bike from a supplier - the same rights should apply, C2W or otherwise.

    Is the problem faulty manufacture? Not fit for purpose? Or some other issue?

    If you've had the bike 3months (+1 at bike shop) how have you paid for 9 months?
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    I think your best line of attack would be to get the voucher re issued to another shop. Let c2w and the duff shop fight over the refund.
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    One basic problem is you don't have an automatic right to your money back, you have to give the manufacturer or his agent chance to correct the problem. With a product like a bike, similar to cars, you dont get money back.

    The difficulty is defining what is the right amount of time to repair and is it still faulty.