Bent chainring

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Has anyone tried bending an aluminium chainring back into shape? Can it be done successfully?
I have pain!


  • gandhi
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    I did it. There was one tooth bent - the same week I was sprinting out of a corner and it bent in half. I think if you've going to do it you have to make sure it's perfect (I tried very hard using posh tools etc, but obviously didn't do a good enough job).
  • Simon Notley
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    Yes. It can be done (an adjustable spanner is weapon of choice), but I doubt you'll ever get it perfect. It will be also be weakened at the bend. I just did it on my old MTB that's hardly running smoothly as it is. I wouldn't try it on a bike that I ride regularly or at speed!
  • ivancarlos
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    Thanks for the replies.
    I have pain!
  • lae
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    Yep, the chainring on my old daily was bent across the middle by someone kicking it in - I used a soft-faced mallet and some blocks of wood, and a couple of hours work, to get it straight (by eye it's straight, but if you lay it on a flat surface you can see it 'kink' by about 1mm). Probably not as strong as it used to be though.