9 speed campag bar end shifters - compatability question

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Hi there,

Lining up to buy a second hand pair of 9 speed record bar end shifters.
I've been told the following and don't know if its true or not?

" Campagnolo never made 9sp TT shifters to work with post 2000 rear mechs.
Any 9sp bar end shifters that you find will only index correctly with pre 2000 rear mechs (the ones that came with the 'pointy hooded' ergos). "

Does anyone know if this is correct or not.

Currently all I can tell you is that I use a campag mirage 9 speed rear mech, black in colour that was built in 2007 - therefore I need to know if these bar end shifters will work or not?

Anyone shed some light before I commit to buy.

Best Regards,



  • Monty Dog
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    Technically yes, post 2000 the shifters and rear mechs for 9/10 speed were standardised to give the same amount of cable pull, however in my experience it made little difference e.g. running a pair of pre-2000 9 speed shifters, a post-2000 10 speed rear mech on a 9 speed cassette no problems. I can't see any reason why a competent mechanic couldn't get the combo you have to work.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • dru
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    thanks MD.

    So if the shifters are post 2000 models they'll work fine with my 9 speed mirage rear mech and 9 speed veloce casstte?

    If the shifters are pre-2000 then I might have to get a LBS to get them tweeked?