Autumn and Winter coming thick & fast

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So with the autumn and winter fast approaching what tires do you fellow roadies use in these harsh times that are about to come.

Quite liking the look of the Michelin Krylions.
How about the rest of you?



  • i use these ... 360021080/. No puntures last winter.
  • sweet I will be considering these a lot :D Thanks
  • it is insane how wiggle charge £10 whereas probike kit charge £20 scandals lol
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    jamieleung wrote:
    it is insane how wiggle charge £10 whereas probike kit charge £20 scandals lol

    they don't.

    £10 is for the 'pro' - £20 is for the 'pro tech'.....both are asking about the same for each. Wiggle may be slightly cheaper, but only by a couple of quid...
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    jamieleung wrote:
    it is insane how wiggle charge £10 whereas probike kit charge £20 scandals lol

    That's because they're different versions of the same tyre. Rigid "wire bead" as compared to folding "kevlar bead". The folding tyres are lighter.
    ...Vittoria do seem to confusingly have a number of versions of the Rubino. :wink:
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    Krylions and Schwalbe Stelvio Plus.
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    I used the Michelin Krylion tyres, had the same pair on my bike that I regularly ride throughout the year, through 2 winters. Not one puncture, even when I couldn't avoid cycling through a patch of shattered glass on the road they didn't puncture. So impressed I bought 2 more pairs. :)

    I currently have a pair of Continental Ultra Gator Duraskins on the same bike, so far I've had one puncture with them. I'm still scratching my head to figure out what caused it. It was inflated correctly, nothing pierced the trye, the tyre was seated correctly on the wheel, no visible bulges in the tyre. Bought them a while ago as a spare set, I wanted the Krylions but they had sold out at the time. :(

    The Continentals don't seem to be wearing as well as the Michelins. Looks like I'll be replacing them sooner than I think. :)
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    Michelin Pro 3 Race - same tyres I've been using all year. Why compromise on grip when it gets colder? The real durability challenge will come early next year when hedge cutting season is upon us.
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    It depends where you live and the type of road conditions you encounter and whether you want a puncture! In these parts, roads are stewn with razor-like flints which shred tyres - particularly Gatorskins. If you want absolute puncture resistance, Schwalbe Marathons are close to bomb-proof but are heavy and feel slow - best for urban commuting. For a training tyre, Conti GP4 Seasons are durable, offer adequate grip but feel a bit dead. For faster riding, Krylions are a good compromise between grip, feel and durability. Schwalbe Stelvios have a good reputation, but are pricey and grip in the wet means we call them 'Chicken Skins'. Pro3s in winter - would barely last a long. wet ride around the Surrey Hills. Rubinos are good for a tenner, but grip in the wet is iffy IME.
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    Same tyres as summer - conti gp4000s on the best bike. Good grip - and "p" resistant. If its icy though - nothing short of studded tyres will help.